Andrés Pinate

Director Marketing @ GRUPO SOLEDAD

Marketing Maverick and Brand Architect | Global Visionary | Connection Cultivator

🚀 About Me: Greetings! I’m a seasoned marketer with a knack for consultative sales and a proven track record of brand building. My journey across continents has honed my ability to weave human connections into the fabric of successful businesses. I thrive on creating win-win partnerships, and my prowess in fostering strong connections is pivotal in driving growth and nurturing high-performance teams.

🎹 Fun Fact: Crowned the king of (intentionally) bad jokes, I also boast a remarkable talent for serenading melodies on the piano. Plus, my book has become the most pirated download in Latin America, a testament to its popularity!

🤝 Let’s Connect: I’m always open to exploring new opportunities and collaborations.